With Ivy, Sea Kelp and Chestnut


Thermal active body cream that fights localized fat deposits in resistant area such as the glutei, hips, thighs and abdomen while also improving their appearance.

The specific hyperaemic (i.e. localized increase of blood circulation) effect stimulates the metabolism and superficial blood micro-circulation.

The targeted combination of seaweed kelp extract, a lipolytic substance (able to melt and destroy fats) with the extracts of ivy and chestnut, draining substances, has an intensive effect on all tissues where fat deposits lay.

Suitable for all massage techniques, this cream is recommended for all subjects who don’t suffer from fragile vessels and varicose veins.

The product causes heat and redness of the skin; therefore, we recommend testing it on a portion of skin before using it extensively.


Apply to the area where fat deposits are located and treat with the most suitable massage technique. Wash hands properly after use.



External use. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Keep the product away from intimate parts.

Wash your hands properly after use.

The product causes heat and redness on the treated area; therefore, check on a small portion of skin before using it extensively. In the event of an intense reaction (heat and itch), rinse with fresh water.

Do not use if there are varicose veins and sensitive skin.

Don’t use the product during pregnancy.

Keep away from the reach of children. Don’t swallow, cosmetic product.

Keep the product in a cool place with the lid closed.



  • Extracts of Ivy, Chestnut, Sea Kelp: draining, preventing and fighting cellulite;
  • Seaweed kelp: stimulant of the fatty acid metabolism;
  • Nicotinate methyl: combats congestion, redness of the skin, irritation;


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